A New Approach To
Cyber Awareness Training

Cybersecurity training is a hard enough task for employers and industry professionals to keep track of, let alone placing the same expectation on employees. Provide a tailored course to meet the individual learning styles of your staff to get the most value.

The digital landscape is rapidly changing and the annual cyberthreat training videos can’t keep up. Online training that is continuous and engaging empowers individuals to become more aware of current threats and attacks against a company’s IT infrastructure,  partners, and this knowledge leads to stronger risk mitigation.

• Create a culture of cybersecurity within your firm by providing realistic and relevant training.
• Reduce the chance of a breach and the damage that results from it.
• Improve your firm’s overall resilience to cyber-attacks through staff training.
• Simulation is the best way to teach cybersecurity.
• Give employees the skills to be proactive about threats and ongoing training to keep their skills up to date.


Per User Per Month


  • Base E-Learning Platform
  • Quizzes
  • Monthly Security Tips and Tricks
  • StarPhish Phishing Simulator
  • StarPhish Outlook Integration
  • Phish Alert Button
  • Phishing Templates
  • Reporting


Per User Per Month


  • Vega Features +
  • Advanced E-Learning Platform
  • Active Directory Integration
  • SAML/SSO Integration
  • Brandable Content
  • Annual Certificate Training
  • Vphishing Simulation


Per User Per Month


  • Sirius Features +

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