All E-learning courses follow OPM regulated training for Federal and Federal Contractors.

Gamified Experience

We offer gamified environments for basic to advanced cybersecurity simulations.

Phishing Simulations

StarPhish offers a platform to send out strategic Phishing attacks to test employees.


Driven by the need for a better User Experience (UX) for more active and engaging learning opportunities.

True North Security is a new IT company based out of the US. The entity has planned to design and develop an online gamification-based platform for cybersecurity (simulation) training. The portal will help employees of various government departments actively understand the best cybersecurity practices and improve the cybersecurity of their respective departments.


Our platform will have a learning management system, including e-learning content, videos, and quizzes.

Our gamified platform for the organizational training will include open world on-boarding, off-boarding, security, payroll, expense reporting, etc., RPG with random cybersecurity scenarios.

Our phishing simulator with AI will help gather metrics on who falls for certain phishing scams, and these metrics will provide data to suggest training for employees.

Our platform will also have V/R training simulations for DOD operations, such as weapon maintenance, submarine fixes, and other training requirements (to be decided based on the client’s requirements).


Most cybersecurity training is forced, boring, and tedious. The problem with this approach is it leads to users checking out. We’re developing a new platform that leverages game theory and a reward system to give users incentives to improve their skills and stay protected.

Reports & Analysis

Relatable Simulations

A.I. Course Adaption

Rewarded Learning

Secure Training


Per User Per Month


  • Base E-Learning Platform
  • Quizzes
  • Monthly Security Tips and Tricks
  • StarPhish Phishing Simulator
  • StarPhish Outlook Integration
  • Phish Alert Button
  • Phishing Templates
  • Reporting


Per User Per Month


  • Vega Features +
  • Advanced E-Learning Platform
  • Active Directory Integration
  • SAML/SSO Integration
  • Brandable Content
  • Annual Certificate Training
  • Vphishing Simulation


Per User Per Month


  • Sirius Features +

We’re combating cyberattacks with your frontline.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training equips staff with up-to-date information on how to recognize cyber threats, which ultimately leads to stronger security benchmarks.
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